Trapezoidal Projects

Runways with in-place Trapezoidal Grooves installed by Cardinal Grooving & Grinding

Trapezoidal Projects

Runway Grooving
Sunshine Coast Airport
129,515 sy – Asphalt
Completed May 2020

Runway 12-30
Alice Springs Airport
120,011 sy – Asphalt
Completed May 2020

Runway Grooving
Seletar Airport
87,834 sy – Asphalt
Completed October 2019

Runway 13-31
Ayers Rock
84,269 sy – Asphalt
Completed June 2019

Runway 3 
Changi International Airport

277,000 sy – Asphalt
Completed February 2018

Runway 17L-35R
Centennial Airport
Centennial, CO
137,355 sy – Asphalt
Completed August 2017

Runway 16-34
Great Falls International Airport
Great Falls, Montana
87,100 sy – Asphalt
Completed April 2017

Runway 5-23
Queenstown Airport
Frankton, Otago, New Zealand
87,980 sy – Asphalt
Completed April 2017

Runway #1
Changi Airport

257,814 sy – Asphalt
Completed February 2017

Runway 12-30
Glacier Park International Airport
Kalispell, MT
16,150 sy – Asphalt
Completed October 2015

Runway 10-28
Centennial Airport
Centennial, CO
29,333 sy – Asphalt
Completed August 2014

Runway 15-33
Fort Collins-Loveland Airport
Loveland, CO
75,378 sy – Asphalt
Completed October 2011

Runway 9R-27L
Chicago O’Hare Airport
Chicago, IL
41,667 sy – Asphalt
Completed November 2007

Runway 2-20 Quantico MCAF
Quantico, VA
41,022 sy – Concrete
Completed July 2007

FAA Technical Center William F. Hughes Test Facility
Atlantic City, NJ
5,000 sy – Asphalt
Completed October 2005

Nobody grooves runways as quickly and efficiently as Cardinal/International Grooving and Grinding of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. With over fifty patents in the grooving and related fields, Cardinal is the recognized world leader in airport grooving quality and production. And now, having worked in conjunction with the FAA, Cardinal has developed and perfected the Trap Z® method, the world’s first practical method of efficiently and cost effectively producing trapezoidal grooves in both asphalt and concrete runways.



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